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New Mexico Paternity Lawyers

Are you looking for the best paternity lawyer in Albuquerque and New Mexico?  When paternity is being questioned you need a smart and experienced paternity attorney in Albuquerque to guide you through the process. New Mexico paternity cases involve obtaining DNA or genetic testing to determine the child’s father. The New Mexico paternity lawyers at The Family Law Firm utilize top of the line reliable DNA experts to make an accurate determination of paternity for your New Mexico paternity case.

Once paternity is determined, the Family Law Firm’s group of New Mexico paternity attorneys will aggressively pursue your rights to visitation and legal custody. In addition, our dedicated team of paternity lawyers in Albuquerque will represent you in settling any child support arrears and ongoing child support.

You Need A New Mexico Paternity Attorney that Will Fight For You

A New Mexico paternity action may be necessary when a couple is not married at the time that the mother gives birth.  Support or visitation often becomes an issue and paternity must be established.  A paternity action in New Mexico can establish:

  • The child’s biological father;

  • Parental rights;

  • Custody;

  • Time-sharing; and

  • Child support.

Are you a mother that is seeking to establish paternity in New Mexico?  Are you a man that is alleged to be a child’s biological father?  The Family Law Firm’s team of paternity lawyers are here to help you achieve your paternity goals.  Our group of dedicated NM paternity attorneys can discuss the rules and procedures of paternity cases in Bernalillo, Sandoval, and Valencia County.  Our experienced team of paternity advocates have 72 years of combined experience with paternity cases across New Mexico.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Establish or Deny Paternity?

New Mexico law does not require you to hire an attorney to file a petition to determine paternity. Having an experienced legal representative may be in your best interests when:

  • You believe that you are the child’s biological father;

  • You believe that you are not the child’s biological father;

  • Another man claims to be your child’s biological father; or

  • You are unsure if you are the child’s father and want proof.

A determination of paternity can affect your legal rights and responsibilities.  A dedicated New Mexico paternity lawyer from The Family Law Firm is here to help.  The Family Law Firm is here to help you understand the potential impacts of a paternity determination.  Our team of legal advocates will zealously guide you through every step of the paternity process in Albuquerque.

Paternity lawyers in Albuquerque

Paternity lawyers in Albuquerque

Consult with a New Mexico Paternity Lawyer Today 

Rely on The Family Law Firm to get the job done for you. Because they care about your parental rights and focus on Family Law, you will be represented by a law firm with extensive knowledge and experience in New Mexico paternity trials and litigation.

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"Thank you to everyone at the Family Law Firm office. How wonderful all of you are. I felt like I had friends with me every step of the way! If ever I know of someone in need of your service I will sing your praises and send them your way. Thank you for everything all of you have done for me."

"I want to thank every one at the Family Law Firm for sending me a lifeline and hope when there was none. My children and I are blessed to have you in our lives and there is not one day that I don't thank God for sending me angels in the form of attorneys. Thank you again for all the sweat, effort, understanding, and love you've sent our way."

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