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Child Support

Your New Mexico Child Support Attorneys

Albuquerque Child Support Lawyers & New Mexico Child Support Enforcement Attorneys

  • Time-sharing;

  • Each parent’s gross monthly income;

  • Work related daycare expenses; and

  • Insurance premiums.

The Family Law Firm’s team of attorneys will help you understand New Mexico’s child support rules and regulations.

Albuquerque child support

Albuquerque Child Support Attorneys

New Mexico Child Support Guidelines govern the determination of a Child Support award. You should never base your child support on what someone else is receiving. Each case is unique and the court will consider a number of factors in your case when determining the amount of child support that you are required to pay under New Mexico law.   It is essential to have an attorney that has experience with all of the factors that determine child support in the state of New Mexico.


The Family Law Firm’s dedicated team of child support lawyers can answer any question about New Mexico child support laws.  Our aggressive group of child support lawyers will review your facts and determine the amount you should expect to either pay or receive in monthly support.  Contact the Family Law Firm to better understand how child support will be determined, based on your case’s unique facts and circumstances.

Child Support Attorneys in Albuquerque Ready to Help

Each case is unique and the court will consider a number of factors in your case when determining the amount of child support that you are required to pay under New Mexico law. It is essential to have an attorney that has experience with all of the factors that determine child support in the state of New Mexico.

You need an experienced and aggressive attorney that is experienced in locating all sources of your ex’s income.  Our legal team ensures that your ex’s hidden income isn’t preventing you from receiving the child support that your family deserves.

The Attorneys at The Family Law Firm will help you understand the dynamics of the formulas used to calculate child support in the State of New Mexico.

Enforcing Child Support Payments

Not receiving court ordered child support in New Mexico? Is your ex refusing to provide you with court ordered child support? The family law firm’s support lawyers can get your case before a New Mexico court to enforce your child support order.

Change in income or time-sharing? The Family Law Firm can also assist you with your child support modification and changing your court ordered monthly support.

Your New Mexico Child Support Attorneys

Do you have questions about child support cases in New Mexico?  Are you looking for dependable child support advocates in Albuquerque?  Look no further than the Family Law Firm for all of your NM child support needs. New Mexico has child support guidelines that set child support based on specific criteria. Hiring an experienced attorney will help you understand New Mexico’s child support rules and regulations.

When you need child support help in NM, The Family Law Firm’s Albuquerque attorneys will explain the guidelines and help you understand your financial situation.

Child Support Guidelines

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Under the New Mexico child support guidelines, support payments are calculated to meet the child’s reasonable needs.  Judge’s closely follow the support guidelines and rarely deviate from the guideline amount.

Child Support Hearing in New Mexico

New Mexico’s uniform child support rules enables attorneys, parents and judges to consistently calculate child support obligations.  Most child support issues can be resolved outside of court, based on the guidelines.  An exception occurs when parents disagree about income amounts, or one parent is purposefully underemployed.  It also can be difficult determining a parent’s gross income when the parent is self-employed.  The Family Law Firm is here to answer any child support question.

Accurately Calculating Child Support

New Mexico courts consider many factors when calculating child support.  The NM Guidelines are presumed to be the correct amount when establishing child support or modifying an existing child support order.  NM Judges rarely deviate from the child support Guidelines.  However, New Mexico family law judges have the power to deviate from the NM Guidelines in the interests of fairness and justice.

Duration of Child Support in NM

Are you curious when child support stops in NM?  How do parents discover when monthly support payments will terminate in NM?  As a parent, you need to know how long child support will last and when it terminates.

New Mexico child support is presumed to end when the child reaches the age of 18. If the child is still in high school at 18, then child support usually continues until the child graduates from high school or until the child turns 19.

Child support does not automatically stop when a child emancipates.  Child support also does not automatically change based on a major change in circumstances.  To either end or change the child support obligation, a parent must motion the court to end or change the support order.

Child Support for Disabled Adult Children

New Mexico courts can order support payments to continue into adulthood for severely disabled children.  In New Mexico parents have a common law continuing duty to support a severely disabled child.  See NMSA § 40-4-7.  The adult child must have been disabled before reaching the age of majority. New Mexico courts have the power to order a parent to pay post-majority support for his or her disabled child, when the child’s disability existed at the time the child reached the age of majority.

Child Support Calculations and Gross Income

Child support obligations are largely determined by each parties’ gross monthly income.  In New Mexico, gross monthly income is broadly defined and can include income from any source.  Gross income is more than wages alone and can include money received from any source.

Are you unsure what income should be used for child support in New Mexico?  The Family Law Firm’s child support attorneys have the experience to help you understand every element of child support in New Mexico.  Our lawyers have experience with child support in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Santa Fe, and Valencia County.

Enforcing Child Support Orders

Our child support lawyers can assist with enforcing court ordered child support payments.  New Mexico family court judges can provide relief for parents that are not receiving child support. In extreme cases, the court could order the non-compliant parent to serve jail time until the child support is paid.

Modifying Child Support Orders

Has your income increased or decreased since child support was ordered?  Has there been a major change to your time-sharing schedule?  Has one of your children turned 18?  New Mexico child support orders may be modified based on a material change in circumstances.  Contact our knowledgeable child support counselors to see if your child support can be modified.

Family Law Child Support Attorneys in New Mexico

The Family Law Firm has dedicated and caring child support attorneys in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Our team of child support attorneys are committed to providing you with the best representation in New Mexico.  Call (505) DIVORCE to schedule a confidential consultation with New Mexico’s best child support attorneys.

Contact us today. 1(505)-DIVORCE or (505) 245-7200. Or email us.


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