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Grandparents Rights

New Mexico Grandparent Rights Attorneys Albuquerque Custody Help

New Mexico Grandparents Rights

The Family Law Firm has represented numerous New Mexico grandparents in securing visitation rights with their grandchildren. The Family Law Firm’s team of grandparent rights attorneys have also assisted grandparents obtain guardianship over grandchildren.

Although grandparents do not have visitation rights in the State of New Mexico, there are many instances when New Mexico Courts will rule that it is in the children’s best interest to spend regular and well-defined time with Grandparents.  If you are a Grandparent who is being denied visitation with your grandchildren, call the experienced and aggressive attorneys at the Family Law Firm.

Grandparent rights in New Mexico

New Mexico Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys

The Family Law Firm’s team of legal advocates have witnessed the pain that New Mexico grandparents endure when denied access to their grandchildren.  After a divorce or death of a spouse, the custodial parent may create obstacles between the grandparents and child.  These obstacles may be created out of anger or bitterness towards the grandparent.  New Mexico recognizes the importance of relationships between grandparents and children.  The Family Law Firm’s dedicated group of grandparent rights attorneys are here to help and explain New Mexico law.

What Factors Does New Mexico Courts Consider When Deciding Grandparent Visitation?

Like all child custody issues, the child’s best interests are the courts’ primary concern.  New Mexico courts look at several factors when determining whether grandparent visitation is in the child’s best interests.  Common factors impacting grandparent visitation in NM include:

  • The child’s preference;

  • History of bonding between the child and grandparent;

  • The child’s mental and physical health;

  • The grandparent’s mental and physical health;

  • The length and quality of the prior relationship between the child and grandparent;

  • The amount of visitation time that is requested;

  • Potential adverse effects on the child, if any; and

  • Any fact that affects the child’s best interests to have a visitation with the grandparent.

New Mexico courts also consider the reasonableness of a parent’s decision to deny grandparent visitation.

Grandparent visitation attorney in Albuquerque

Grandparent visitation attorneys in NM

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